World Aids Day was on 1st December 2022

1st December is known as World Aids Day, almost all of us know it by now. But there is a lot more to this information. A lot of questions surround the World Aids Day. Answers to those are important for everyone.

So, we have answered some of the most frequently asked questions that have AIDS and the World Aids Day at the focus.

When did the world come to know about AIDS?

It was the year 1981 when the city of New York woke up the world to a term called AIDS. This disease was prevalent among homosexuals.

In the desperate desire to be included in the race of ‘normals’, a few homosexuals consulted doctors and tried to find answers about their sexuality.

They were made to go through some therapy. And during this therapy, the fact came to realization that their immunity system had been severely compromised. It was a sad revelation to doctors and they termed the condition as ‘Acquired Immuno-deficiency Syndrome’, also known as AIDS.

How is AIDS spread most commonly?

Initial statistics collected about the syndrome revealed that the disease spread faster through anal sex. What happens is that mucosa layer that surrounds anus region is quite delicate. During anal sex, it can get damaged providing a distribution medium (or blood) to the AIDS virus.

It is also found from demographic details that the AIDS virus is more widespread among women than men.

Also, people who have multiple sexual partners are more prone to this disease. Women patients are 20% more as compared to men.

How is AIDS manifested

AIDS does not show its presence till quite late. After entering the body, the virus multiplies and engulfs several organ systems that are responsible for overall health of the body. Here is how the disease takes its severe form.

  • AIDS Virus is a typical virus of the retrovirus group. The viruses of this group have two strands of RNAs. With the process of reverse transcriptase, these strands are converted to double stranded DNAs. These DNAs take up the place inside the cells in the dormant state.
  • When HIV or Human Immunodeficiency Virus enters the body, it is called HIV infection. In this state, the body is called the carrier of the virus only and is said to be HIV-infected. The person stays asymptomatic; anyone can remain in such state up to 20 years.
  • Year after year, the virus silently multiplies inside the body and attacks the immune system of the body. In the last stage, the immunity of the infected person is completely destroyed, and various diseases start surfacing up.
  • On complete annihilation of the immune system, the virus starts multiplying further and through sexual contact, repeated use of blood transfusion needles and similar activities, it spreads among people. The fully affected person loses the power to fight diseases, and eventually dies.

Common reasons for AIDS

AIDS is spread due to several reasons. It is considered one of the incurable syndromes. Therefore, practicing abstinence and self-control are the preventive measures that are talked about often as an anecdote to the virus-based infections.

Studies have established common reasons as:

  1. Unsafe sex
  2. Blood transfusion where blood is used without testing
  3. Recreational drugs taken intravenously with same needle on repetition
  4. HIV positive mother passes the virus to child through blood – 60% and virus passing through lactation – 40 %

Symptoms of AIDS

AIDS, typically, has no characteristic symptoms. The symptoms of diseases are the same as the infection suffered such as:

  1. Uncontrolled fever for weeks to months
  2. Uncontrolled diarrhea
  3. Faster loss of WBCs leading to poor immunity*
  4. Faster loss of weight

*Due to poor immunity, the ability to heal or fight diseases is lost.

Theme of World Aids Day 2022

Every year the World Aids Day is celebrated. The celebrations are based on the themes decided upon. Very recently, this day was celebrated. It had the theme – “Communities Make the Difference.”

Wrapping up,

Our life is precious. It is important to adopt healthy practices to enjoy good protection from diseases. Celebrate World Aids Day with an aim to ensure that no one becomes victim of this syndrome. Talk everything about it to beat it!

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