How Kavita overcame the challenge of emotional eating – story

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So, did you see this story on emotional eating?

Well, it is a story of almost every woman.

We have included only one leaf of the whole problem that emotional eating is. In this story, only the sad part is covered.

But, we must understand that happiness, excitement, anger, etc. are emotions too.

So, one must watch the feelings before jumping on the food, as the food is for filling the stomach and not to satiate those feelings.

Here is what you must do to avoid emotional eating:

  • Eat only when you feel hungry
  • Try drinking water instead of starting to eat; sometimes, the water acts as a calming agent and satiates hunger too
  • Try to think about the positive side of things and keep patience
  • Cultivate a hobby and pursue it
  • Exercise and meditate to maintain a healthy balance of mind, body, and soul in the body
  • Be constructive in your approach toward things

Avoid emotional eating – why

It is said in the Sanskrit Language – अति सर्वत्र वर्जयते| That means the excess is prohibited everywhere.

Thus, excessive emotions also need control. And feeding those with food is not an option. It disturbs in the following ways:

  • Obesity: You eat more, and so, gain more weight. It manifests as obesity which is the root cause of several medical conditions
  • Psychological disturbances: You tend to feel guilty because of unnecessary eating. Especially, when you are on the way to losing weight, emotional eating poses a big hindrance.
  • Social Withdrawal: One of the serious manifestations of emotional eating is social withdrawal. The victim does not feel like mixing up with peers and avoids social attending due to various issues caused by more-than-required eating.
  • Several physical issues: Edema, bloating, acidity, irritability, etc. are some of the direct consequences that the body faces. Out of emotions, when you have eaten more, the balance of pittah (or bile juice) in the body gets disturbed, according to Ayurveda. Hence, the problem leads to these physical issues.

To sum up,

Watch your eating habits. Food is to fill the stomach and provide us energy; not to fill that void in the heart or in life. Stay happy, and try to find happiness in various things you do; it is where you can get the starting point to creating a whole world of health and confidence. With this attitude, issues like emotional eating will never dare to bother you!

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