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We proudly present to you our wellness Wiki and lifestyle improvement support guide – Live Well Lounge.

This guide is no less than a success story itself!

Who we are

We are Wellbingers, the Wellness Harbingers! You will learn more about us if you click this.:)

Our Story

“No, what is the use?” It started with this doubt and then over a course of discussions and clarity seeking, it paused at – ”Let’s Do It!”

So, this blog is the celebration of this milestone that we achieved as a team.

Yes, we are a team of content creators who have come together to spread the idea of adopting wellness responsibly.

While on the way to wellness and fitness, you will be quite tempted to resort to shortcuts, which may backfire if you lack clarity and control. So, why not change the narrative and move to the idea of attaining holistic well-being instead of focusing on just weight or inch loss?

Also, it is not only about healthy lifestyle learning, a sense of clarity is required in all walks of life.

What do you want to do? Where do you want to reach, or what do you want success to look like? These are a few questions that you often search answer for. You also know the fact that every answer lies within you. Our job is to show you your true strength and to direct yourself to your inner being. Our job is to assist you with gaining clarity.

So, you will find with us the best food choices (yes, your kitchen is your personal wellness hub, believe it or not!), habits to build, tips on home decor, fitness tips, discourses snippets, stories, personality transformation journeys, and much more. All these are curated, created, recreated, and adapted for providing you better and clear understanding.

Let’s start this wonderful journey and I hope we become a better version of ourselves as the journey progresses.

Happy Reading!

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