Bradley Smith Poetry Review: Amazingly Beautiful Poems from an Australian Icon

This week I’m reviewing poems written by Susan Bradley Smith. She was born in Australia and has lived most of her life there. Her poetry is magnificent. Also, she envelopes them with such beauty and grace.

In her poem, “The Withered Rose” she describes how beautiful a withered rose is and how we should appreciate our struggle. It’s a great reminder to live each day by motivating ourselves to dive deeper into this unpredictable world.

Bradley Smith is a poet who deserves recognition. Read her work and enjoy!

Who is Susan Bradley Smith?

Susan Bradley Smith is a cultural historian and poet. She lives in Perth, Australia’s most remote city. There, she is an Associate Professor of Creative Writing at Curtin University. She has done her graduation with a Bachelor of Arts from the University of New South Wales. She is a bibliotherapist and a promoter of mental health. Gladland is her latest poetry collection and is a feminist love story. Apart from writing poems, she has an interest in activism, feminist life writing, women’s theatre, and experimental opera. Susan’s professional activities as a teacher and creative writer are guided by the belief that communication is key to understanding the rest of the world. This includes schools, communities, media, cultural institutions, and policy agencies.

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Top 5 loving Bradley Smith’s Poems

Here are the top 5 loving poems written by Susan Bradley Smith:

“Sunday drive in September”

She used her understanding of concepts to create this masterpiece. This poem has achieved the recognition of many veteran poets and audiences. This poem is from her collection, “The Screaming Middle” – a memoir in verse of a very strange year.

In this poem, she mentions how the streets where she once lived look tilted, and unhealthy. After calling the place warped and weedy in the poem’s intro, she later contradicted her own statement by adding that there are “gold-crusted memories” which have now turned into “dust”.


Susan’s life has been tough and her poems clearly speak how she thinks of the situation in front of her. In this poem, she discusses how she started calling random strangers to get the hunch of feeling called “loved” because of being all alone in a brand new apartment in Melbourne.

She ends her poem with the line “that is why talking to someone else’s pe-packaged life smelt like Love”, which means that she wants to accept reality but is unable to do so and has started calling random strangers. Talking with random strangers felt like love to her!

“Molecules, plural: a daughter is born”

In this poem, she is talking about her marriage. She starts with the story by telling that her telephone rang and made her glottal burp. Next, she talks about the person whose call she received and what they said on the call.

“You would not sign the papers without asking me, one more time.” is the line which she refers to as the caller’s saying and the remaining lines are the answer to the same!

“Our own allotted toil”

Tired from the life she’s living, Susan here wrote a simple yet too deep and beautiful! The title of this poem “Our own allotted toil” refers to all the havoc we create for ourselves.

In the poem, she compares everyone’s life to the life of a giant because giants are just respected for their brute force and disrespected for their behavior, manners, etc. She ends the poem by saying we walk into the theatre, with the film being over, now shouting for a re-run through everything to fix what we need to!

“Dogshit park and other suburban nightmares”

In this poem, Susan describes her struggle as a less-paid poet in this modern age. She even mentioned that novelists, who write stories earn more than a poet.

Concluding the poem, miss Bradley adds another “laughing outside but crying inside” line!

What does Bradley Smith’s poetry talk about?

Susan Bradley Smith is a fantastic poet, she uses magnificent metaphors and writes deep and beautiful lines! Susan Bradley Smith is a fantastic poet, she uses magnificent metaphors and writes deep and beautiful lines! She has written many poems that are very meaningful and inspiring. Her poem “94815046” talks about the loneliness in her life. It is a touching poem that will make you cry and relate. You can also find more poems by Susan Bradley Smith online or buy buying her e-books listed on Amazon.


In conclusion, Susan Bradley Smith is a great poet from Australia, but she’s also known for his work in opera, activism, and music. His poetry is beautiful, insightful, and often relatable. She’s written many books, including “Friday Forever: Memoirs of Madness”. If you haven’t read any of her poems yet, now would be a perfect time to give her a shot.

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