10 movies that take us to days of freedom-fighting

India is not just rich in diversity and culture, but it is likewise wealthy in its history. Indian freedom fighters had forfeited their lives and soul for the freedom of their country. Various fighters in India have battled contrary to British rule. So, The movie producers have kept no stone unturned in exhibiting India’s struggle for freedom. Watching the movies based on backdrop of freedom-fighting makes us feel pleased with our country and brings out the sensation of positive energy in us. 

Here, we take a look at the ten finest movies on freedom-fighting that are made to pay tribute to our heroes:-


Manoj Kumar and Anwar Hussain’s ‘Shaheed’ which was released in 1965 is a film that depended on the evident story of Bhagat Singh. The film has won many honors and featured extraordinary stalwarts of that time. Helmed by S. Slam Sharma, this film is an incredible watch to know the battles of our political fighters.


Lagaan is Aamir Khan’s Award-winning film where a modest bunch of locals gain proficiency with the game, of cricket and face Britishers on the field with the commitment of gettting rid of high charges (Lagaan) if they dominated the game. This film is likewise recorded in ‘Times Magazine’.The film is an epic as the term of film is four hours. It’s an illustration in which the indigenization of cricket turns into a representation of the whole Indian freedom battle.

3.Mangal Pandey: The rising

The Historical anecdotal Drama film depended on the existence of Indian warrior Mangal Pandey, who battled for the Independence of India. Helmed by Ketan Mehta, the film featured Aamir Khan, Ameesha Patel, and Rani Mukherjee in the lead roles and was released in the year 2005. The film got debuted at the Cannes Film Celebration.


Released in the year 1982, the film was a biographical show in light of the existence of freedom fighter Mahatma Gandhi, who began the non-violence opportunity development against the British government. Helmed by Richard Attenborough, the film featured Ben Kingsley ahead of the pack job. At the 55th Academy Awards, the film received 11 nominations.

5.Rang de Basanti

A 2006 film featuring Aamir Khan, in the lead role, was a super hit. It caught the youthful Indian mind by showing a modern battle with flashbacks of the real battle struggle of Bhagat Singh. The film’s opening scene itself begins in Lahore, English India in 1931 with Bhagat Singh (Siddharth Narayan) perusing the memoir of Russian progressive Lenin as he is going to get hanged on the orders of the English government. It is a must-watch for everyone who admires the genre.


It is a new film contrasted with the others referenced previously. Starring Manoj Bajpayee it was released in 2012. It depends on the historical conflict shown in English India’s Chittagong Uprising. The story portrays the events of 1930 when Surya Sen and his supporters protested the demise of a revolutionary Jatin Das. This film additionally includes the Tebagha Uprising of 1945, which marked the finish of the British Raj in India.


JP Dutta’s film ‘Border’ gives us some insight into how the fighters of our nation safeguard us from our adjoining dangers and even takes us through the Indo-Pakistani Conflict of 1971. With a heavenly star cast the film effectively depicted the penance of the Indian warriors and what their families go through. ‘Border’ is as yet viewed as perhaps the best film throughout the entire existence of Indian film which showcases the battle of Indian warriors.


Chief Chetan Anand’s ‘Haqeeqat’ which was released in 1964 was the first film that portrayed the India-China war. The film which was a hit in the cinematic world featured Dharmendra, in Lead Role. The plot of the film rotates around the Indian warrior’s battle against the Chinese armed force which occurred in Ladakh. The tune ‘Ab Tumhare Hawaale Vatan Saathiyo’ which is yet played on Freedom and Republic Days was from this film.


Producer John Matthew Matthan’s ‘Sarfarosh’ is as of now standing out as truly newsworthy because of reports of its continuation with John Abraham being roped in to play the lead job. This film’s plot spun around an Indian cop’s mission to stop cross-border illegal intimidation. The film gathered a great deal of publicity as it delivered when the strains between India and Pakistan were high because of the Kargil war.


I.S. Johar’s 1954 film ‘Nastik’ is a story of a sibling, who unleashes retribution on a priest who sells his sister into prostitution during the movement. The film additionally portrays the truth of relatives who were isolated during the partition of our country.


Freedom fighters were the people who laid their lives to battle against the English for India’s autonomy. We live in an independent and democratic society today on account of their sacrifices. There is a sufficiently enormous public favoring toward patriot feelings to keep promulgation films going as an effective enterprise.

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